GCH Otleys Blue Rodeo

Here are pictures of some of our Canadian Champion and Grand Champion dogs who were bred, owned, co-owned and/or shown by me at some point over the past 25 years.

I want to thank the many other breeders and owners who have taken pride in their dogs from my kennel and shown them to their championship or other performance titles.

I also want to sincerely thank the many other breeders from all around the world who have entrusted me with their beautiful dogs! You have helped me to build a solid breeding program that is consistently producing healthy, happy dogs that are well-loved and valued pets who are enriching the lives of families all across North America.

I am truly grateful for your trust and confidence in me and willingness to help me to achieve and fulfill my desire to produce beautiful, healthy dogs.

Kelly Greir
Mysticgold Kennel
Est. 1988

GCH Mysticgold Fiona's Enchantment

CH Mysticgold Rhythm and Blue

CH Mysticgold's Lone Ranger

CH Mysticgold's Fire Power

Our Champions

CH Mysticgold's Catching Fire

 Mysticgold Kennel (est 1988)