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I just wanted to tell you that Fiona is such an amazing dog. I LOVE her to bits and cannot imagine my life without her. She's amazing in every way and her temperament is excellent . Everyone I meet says, "is she always like this?" Such a people dog! So good with the kids and they LOVE her.




It’s been a long time since I’ve been in touch but as I walk my Audrey this morning I realized her 11th birthday was coming up and you popped to mind.  

I just want you to know she is the most beautiful, feisty, health little dog and I’m just as crazy about her as I was the day we came over to the island to pick her up. Thank you for these wonderful years.  I’m certain I’ll have many more with her.  Have a lovely spring, 

I have been breeding purebred dogs for 25 years.

My first litter of  golden retriever puppies were born on September 21, 1990. 

Over the years many of the families who purchased puppies from me have stayed in regular contact with me.

I love to receive updates, pictures and stories telling me how much the puppy they bought from me has enriched their lives and brought much happiness and  joy to their family.

Below are just a few of the many pictures and comments I have received.....

Mysticgold's Ceilidh Days


Family and Friends

Mysticgold's Sir Watson


The 9 months since we got Finn last August have flown by. He continues to be a terrific dog. He is very friendly, outgoing and easygoing. He barks only when there is really something to bark at, and spends hours chasing mice and squirrels and birds in our yard.  We walk for hours every day, and I am turning in into a great hiking dog. He loves to play. He loved winter, even though we had a brutally cold winter, and I think he is still wondering where the snow has gone.  He us spending a lot of time now trying to dig up everything I've planted! 




Just a little note to say AGAIN - Thank you!! 

He (Watson) really is just amazing!!  What a wonderful disposition, a terrific dog with the kids. Such a little lover. Definitely a perfect Westie through and through. We couldn't have asked for a better little guy to join our family. He is SO loved by everyone and makes our house a home. He was groomed (stripped) a couple of weeks ago and the woman says he is such a little dream to work on. So all in all, we think he's perfect!!!!   Hope all is going well with you and your family. :)

 Mysticgold Kennel (est 1988)

We just love her so much, she was such a good fit for our family. Now that I am retired we walk and garden and play together. I also see her mom Rosie when we walk and Robbie too!