CH Mysticgold's Catching Fire

(GCH Meadowlake Tazzi Devil CGN CDI RAE  x Mysticgold's French Kiss)

Border Terriers

REBEL and NALA as puppies

summer 2014


CH Mysticgold's Rhythm and Blue

(GCH Otleys Blue Rodeo x CH Otleys Rhythm in Motion)

 Mysticgold Kennel (est 1988)

Border Terriers were developed in the border area between Scotland and England. They were used by the farmers for bolting foxes out of their holes. They were known for their vitality and ability to keep pace with a horse. They needed to be self-determined, agile, and have a lot of stamina.

Border terrier coats come in a variety of colors including red, wheaten, grizzle and blue and tan. They have a double coat that consists of a wiry outer coat and soft undercoat. This double coat is designed to keep them warm in the most inclement of Northern climates. Overall they do not require a lot of grooming but can benefit from a weekly brushing and occasional stripping of the wiry outer coat. It is not that difficult to learn to do. There are many good books on the market and numerous sites on the Internet with explanations and pictures on how to strip a terrier. They have a very unique and distinctive head that resembles that of an otter. An average adult weighs between 12 – 17 pounds and is 12” at the shoulders

Border Terriers are very friendly, outgoing little dogs. When they are on the ground they are busy and active but once picked up they love to cuddle and give “kisses”. They are generally very good with both people and other dogs. If they receive proper training and are well socialized from young they make great companions. Like most of the small terriers they do have a very strong prey drive so it is best if they are always walked on a leash or exercised in a safe, fully secure area. They do well in both the city and country. A daily walk and regular stimulating activity will help keep them in top form physically and mentally.

Although border terriers are great little dogs they are not for everyone. I would highly recommend that any one considering getting one research the breed extensively and be sure it is the right dog for your family. It is important to be sure they are the right size and temperament and will fit in to your lifestyle. A dog is a very big investment and commitment so you want to be sure that you get the breed that will best suit your family. The price for a quality, CKC Registered, border terrier puppy form a reputable breeder in Canada ranges from $ 1000 - $1500. You can get more information and pictures of the breed at: or